Free Web App Hosting On Azure

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Primarily Azure is known for Pay-As-You-Go but it has some great features and some of those can be used free of cost. One such feature is Azure App Service that allows you to host your web application on Azure, free of cost for life.

Azure App Service

Azure App Service offers a variety of applications which can be hosted under Azure App Service, but this article is limited to Web Apps. You can learn more about various types of application.

Creating Free Azure Service

Login to Azure Portal.

Click on App Services and you will see your App Services panel as shown below (you will see your services listed if you have any; which were created previously).

Click on “+Add” and choose Web App from the screen.

From the next screen, click on “Create”. You may want to take a moment and read the text shown on the screen. I personally admire the Azure capabilities to even host PHP, Node.js, or Python and many more application types.

Now, the next screen will let you specify the name of the free app service.

Choosing Pricing Tier

After filling in the details on the left pane, select “App Service plan/Location”, and from the right pane, select “Create New”. A new window will appear as shown below. Enter Name and choose a location of Azure Data-center to host your app service, and select Pricing Tier.

Click on Pricing Tier will popup a new screen; scroll to the bottom and you will see a free service tier option, as shown below.

Make note that it offers only 1GB space max, and it will be deployed on a shared infrastructure i.e. there might be other websites hosted under the same IIS / Infrastructure. Also, note that it clearly and explicitly calls out 0.00 cost per month, i.e., it’s completely free and for life. Click on “F1 Free” tier and click “Select”. Now, “App Service Plan” pane will update to reflect the changes.

Verify the details and click OK, and now your “Web App” pane will pop up and show the changes applied to your App Service Plan and location.

Verify details and click “Create”. Your Free App Service deployment will start and you will notice that your “MyfreeAppService” appears under “App Services”.

Click on the “MyfreeAppService” to explore this App Service and a whole new pane with lots of options will load, as shown below.

To Test this App Service, click on “Browse” button from the top of right pane and you will notice that website will load in your default browser.

What’s next?

This website shows nothing worthwhile; that is because we just created an Azure App Service which is Free and has no application code in it.

We need to deploy the application to this newly created Free App Service on Azure. Microsoft Visual Studio and DevOps CI/CD are fully featured to let you deploy your web application to this app service and a separate article will better justify this requirement which is next logical step.

Can the Pricing Tier be changed?

Yes, once your application starts to have more features and you want to make it scalable, secure, and take advantage of Azure App Service features, you may want to change Pricing Trier from Free to Paid. This can be done very easily and quickly; by selecting “App Service Plan” and then choosing the Pricing Tier which aligns with your evolving business and application needs.

Windows azure Platform 30 Day Pass

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Click on the URL and use promo code MPR001. No credit card required. With the Windows Azure platform you pay only for what you use, scale up when you need capacity, and pull back when you don’t. Plus, get no-cost technical support with Microsoft Platform Ready.


Great Azure App- Jumpman Mosaic

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Air Jordan is a brand divison of Nike Inc thought of an innovative idea to celebrate their 25th anniversary.

They wanted an innovative web-app which will allow Jordan fans to upload their photos with their favourite Air Jordan shoes which shows thier style/personality type etc. They named this web-app a Social mosaic.

This application is built on Windows Azure using Silverlight with deep-zoon feature, running s on Windows Azure allows the application to be scalable for traffic, as photos were continusously uploaded, and do automatically do all other activities to keep this web-app working.

You can visit this web-app here

If you hover mouse on the image shown on the home-page (as above) and start rotating your mouse wheel in forward direction then you will see the Deep-zoom taking effect and you will start seeing something like this.

Where Your Data Lives on Azure

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Data on Azure lives in PODs (Performance Optimized Data-center) and these PODs are securely placed in various Microsoft Data centers.

Microsoft have multiple data-centers located in USA (Chicago & San Antonio), Europe (Dublin & Amsterdam) and in Asia (Singapore & Hongkong)

These Data-centers are huge in size anywhere from 300,000 sq ft to 470,000 sqft or more.

Features of Windows Azure

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Some of the features which makes life so easy when any organization/ISV create applications for Azure

1- Pay as you go model, so you pay what you or your customer uses.
2- Commissioning and de-commissioning of servers are easy and cost-effective
3- Server management is taken care by Microsoft.
4- Database management is taken care by Microsoft
5- You can scale the application as per the demand.
6- You are charged separately for peak and off-peak time.
7- It’s fully compatible with applications running on-premise.

Why Windows Azure

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Once you have deployed your application and its in production environment.

If you want to check the health of Azure services which are running in any of the geographical location which you have choosen as afinity while creating the service project.

Microosft offers the health status of each and every Azure service running in all the data centers.

It shows health for current day to last 6 more days, liste under “Status History” sections towards the bottom of the page.

You can check the health of the services by following this url

In order to connect with SQL Azure Db, you need special version of SQL Server Management Studio.

Ability to connect with SQL Azure is buid in “SQL Server 2008 R2 November CTP”.

You can download this from SQL Server® 2008 R2 November Community Technology Preview – Express

Windows Azure team developed a new Azure based feature, known as TownHall.

This is a software which will aloow to create applications where people seek opinions, message-boards, vote etc. TownHall applications will be based on REST API in the Azure which will enable the delivery of clients on a number of platforms, in order to store the collected data, database used for this will be on SQL Azure.

There is no License fee for TownHall, you only pay for the WindowsAzure. Some common scenarios where TownHall can be used:

  • Event hosting as offered by evite etc
  • Engagement with communities
  • Message boards
  • Vote
  • Fan clubs , followers etc

You can see a TownHall sample at . You can try this site by clicking on “Log in” link on the top-left of this web site. Using the login name – demouser and password – demopassword
Note- I am not sure how long this site is available for demo purpose.

You can download the design templates, themes for TownHall development from

Motivation Behind the term Azure

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Windows Azure is Cloud computing technology from Microsoft.

Azure is the term which is also considered as a synonym for “blue color“, Azure alsos refers to a bright blue color, resembling the sky like it apperass on a bright and clear day.