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July 1st, 2005 | Posted by Vidya Vrat in .NET | C# | Visual Studio

Thunder – This was the code name for one of the Most facinating RAD tool Visual Basic(VB).
Lightning – This was the code name for .NET CLR(the most adorable one).
Everett – This was the code name for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003. Everett is a city north of Seattle.
Whidbey – This is the code name for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005. Whidbey is an island north of Seattle (you go through Everett to get the ferry to Whidbey Island).
Yukon – This is the code name of the next version of Microsoft SQL Server, with SQL Server 2005 “Yukon” developers will be able to leverage their existing skills in writing .NET-connected software using the Common Language Runtime (CLR) built into the database engine.Yukon is a place in Northern Canada!
Longhorn – This is the code name for the Next version of Microsoft’s 64-bit Windows operating system. Longhorn is a bar close to Whistler and Blackcomb ski resorts.
Orcas – Visual Studio .NET 200X code named “Orcas” will support the managed interfaces, enhanced user interface features and other new capabilities the Longhorn operating system will offer. Orcas is an island in the San Juan group of islands even further north of Seattle.

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