Consider a Real World situation that you need to log username, machine name etc. into a log file. I have encountered this scenario many times. Usually finding such information is very tedious job and may require some complicated code to be written.

For such type of information Microsoft .NET provides System.Environment class which provides some static member properties and methods to address most of such scenarios (which turns out to be complicated implementation otherwise).
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What is Mono?

After release of .NET Framework people started discussion around its Non-Microsoft Platform portability. What it means is that can Microsoft .NET Framework based application run on Non-Microsoft operating systems? Such as UNIX, Mac and various Linux distributions? To help developer’s port .NET Code to non-Microsoft platforms “Mono” project is the solution. Mono is an open source implementation of Microsoft .NET Framework which allow developers to execute .NET centric applications on other platforms such Mac, Linux. Using such open source implementations of .NET you can create, compile and execute .NET assemblies on operating system other than Microsoft platform.

At present, Mono is compatible with the .NET 4.0, C# 4.0. In addition, Mono also provides an open source distribution of Silverlight API named MoonlightRead Full Article Here…